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Battling Japanese Beetles: How to Get Rid of These Garden Pests

The average lifespan of a Japanese beetle is only about four to six weeks, but as any gardener supply store could tell you, that’s enough time for them to make meal out of your garden. But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless against these pests. Peak Japanese beetle season is underway, so let’s take a look at some pest control methods you can use to keep them away from your plants.

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How to Protect Your Garden from Insects

You love the plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables growing in your garden. So do bugs. And while some insect varieties can be beneficial to your backyard plant life, a lot of them can cause some serious damage. Before you reach for the inspect spray, New Jersey gardeners, consider these pest control tips for keeping bugs away from your plants.

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How to Maintain a Vegetable Garden

You don’t become healthy by accident. It takes work: eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, etc. Your vegetable garden is the same way. It can only remain healthy through proper maintenance. Before heading out to buy plants, seeds or garden fertilizer, New Jersey gardeners might want to read up on a few ways to maintain a healthy vegetable garden.

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Anyone Can Garden with These 5 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables

Which sounds more appealing? A salad made from vegetables you grew yourself A salad made from vegetables that spent days traveling from a farm to your local grocery store We think the answer is A, and not just because we’ve got a stake in the world of New Jersey garden supply. Fresh, home-grown vegetables will always win out over their store-bought counterparts. At the same time, the idea of growing your own vegetables can seem pretty daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Anyone can start a garden with a little patience, and the help of these easy-to-grow vegetables:

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Garden This Spring

Spring is finally here, and if you’re like us, your thoughts have turned to your garden. Maybe you already know what you want to grow, and spending your days dreaming of all the different flowers, shrubs and trees you’ll plant this year. Or maybe you’re worried that your garden just isn’t ready. It’s been sitting idle all winter, and you’re just not sure it’s ready for planting. If you fall into the latter category, don’t fret. You can have your garden ready for the spring planting season with these garden preparation steps.

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How to Build a DIY Bird Feeder

If you want to become a bird watcher, you could pick worse places than New Jersey, where you’ll find such colorful creatures as the blue jay, the cardinal and the brilliant yellow goldfinch (our state bird). And don’t think that you need to trek through the woods with binoculars to spend time with birds. When you build a DIY bird feeder, you can let the birds come to you. Here are a few suggestions for building your own bird feeder.

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Protect Your Dog with Pet-Friendly Ice Melts

When you say the words “rock salt,” New Jersey dog lovers will likely think about their pooches’ paws. That’s because while dogs love to scamper through the snow, they might not enjoy the walk home, as the rock salt and ice melt that we spread in the wake of winter storms can be harmful to our four-legged family members.

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How to Care for Your Natural Christmas Tree

For some folks, the idea of keeping a live Christmas tree in their home can seem a bit daunting. Watch holiday mainstays like A Christmas Story and A Charlie Brown Christmas, and you might come away thinking that putting up a live tree will lead to nothing but frustration and disappointment. If you’re part of the countless number of people considering buying live Christmas trees in New Jersey this winter, don’t worry. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your evergreen tree stays green this season.

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New Jersey Deer Control Tips

Deer are gentle, majestic creatures. They can also destroy your garden. Are you fed up with deer feeding on your plants and flowers? It doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Use these New Jersey deer control tips to protect your garden this year. 1. Keep the plants deer love closest to home Deer love plants that are smooth and full of flavor. This list includes berry bushes, roses, azaleas and chrysanthemums. Keep these plants close to your home to keep an eye on them.

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Transitioning Your Summer Garden to Autumn

Summer may be over, but the gardening season is still underway. You may not be as busy as you were when everything was in full bloom, but there’s still work to be done that will have you visiting your local NJ garden centers. Here are a few tips for helping your garden make the switch from summer to autumn.

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