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Preparing Your Garden for Spring

By, the Old Guy with the Ponytail How do you prepare your garden for spring? At the end of the growing season, it’s time to plan for next spring. All the dead vegetation can be removed from your garden and put in the compost pile or it can be left to rototill in for the following season. Every few years, it’s good to have a soil analysis completed to determine nutrient availability for future crops. Once nutrient availability is known, soil can be modified accordingly in the fall, in preparation for spring. There are a few options available to prepare your garden for spring. The following options assume the existing garden soil has good drainage and adequate organic matter to

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Mom and daughter watering vegetable garden

Planning your Vegetable Garden during the winter months

The winter months are ideal for planning a summer vegetable garden. That process entails everything from plotting and building raised beds, amending soil, deciding which crops to grow, and determining the best layout to optimize sun/shade exposure and the plants’ irrigation needs.

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