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multicolor fallen leaves: yellow, green, red, orange

Leave the Leaves! How Leaf Litter Benefits Your Garden

When most people think of litter, their train of thought will normally lead to papers, aluminum cans, and packaging materials that we often see strewn along the roadside or in gutters. Many gardeners and landscapers use the term “leaf litter” to describe the deep layers of leaves that coat our lawns and drift on the wind through the streets. Unlike the throwaway litter we often see, leaf litter offers many benefits that will actually help the environment and support your soil and plants.

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Why Is It Important to Mulch Plant Beds?

If you’re an amateur gardener, you’re surely familiar with just how relaxing and even therapeutic the hobby can be. There’s really nothing that compares to working with the soil, getting your hands dirty, and eventually being able to experience and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Then again, gardening is not without its occasional frustrations. Unwanted weeds can strangle your plants and crops. Water can evaporate or freeze during inclement weather, leading to less than vibrant results. Nature, in other words, can sometimes choose to give your garden a rather hard time.

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