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Benefits of Organic Lawn Care in New Jersey

We’ll be the first to admit that there’s nothing new about the concept of living an all-organic, eco-friendly lifestyle. Eating organic fruits and veg, or washing your dishes and laundering your clothes with ecologically responsible soaps. But have you ever given serious thought to the idea of going organic in your own front lawn? Our New Jersey landscape supply company, with three locations in the Garden State, has supplies ranging from lawn food to weed killer that will make your switch to organic lawn care a simple and stress-free process.

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8 Tips For Organic Turf Care

It’s the classic homeowner’s dream: to stand at your doorstep and look out over a lush, green lawn. You want your lawn to look its best, but maybe you’re also not a fan of using unnatural – or even harmful – chemicals to get the job done. Don’t fret: there are steps you can take to make sure your grass stays green without resorting to inorganic methods. Here are a few tips we’ve borrowed from Popular Mechanics to help you practice organic turf care.

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