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Up, Down, All Around

What Fertilizer Do You Need?

Although winter in New Jersey is for the birds; spring is for the grass. At Mendham Garden Center, we are asked quite often; what fertilizer should I use for my lawn? In all honesty, without a soil test, the recommendation is a best guess. Most lawn fertilizers are formulated with two or three major nutrients; nitrogen, sometimes phosphorous, and potassium, each in a specific formulation based on percentage such as 10-18-10 or 27-0-6. Often these nutrients are thought of as “up” (nitrogen for top growth) “down” (phosphorous for root development) and “all around” (potassium for health and vigor). Of the three; nitrogen, the first number in the formulation is utilized in the greatest quantity. Only nitrogen stimulates turf growth to any great degree. Phosphorous, the second number, typically the largest in a seed starter fertilizer such as 10-18-10, although required for root development, does not stimulate root development. Only nitrogen stimulates root development to any great degree. Potassium, the third number is required for many chemical processes within the plant but does not stimulate growth. Only nitrogen stimulates growth to any great degree. As long as phosphorous and potassium are available in adequate amounts, in the soil, additional applications are not required. Only a soil test can accurately provide this necessary information.