Mendham Garden Center
Route 24, Mendham, NJ

Soil Testing

All three of our locations offer soil testing.  Listed below is how to take a sample properly as provided by our soil sample company.  Each sample bag is $34.00. With that you will get a report of all the essential nutrients needed for you to have a healthy and vigorous lawn. We will also provide a lawn care guide to DIY for each season of the year. 

Soil samples can be taken with a soil probe, spade or trowel.  Samples should be from established turf or beds you are planting, the sample should be taken at least at a 3in depth. Take samples from various areas of the lawn or bed and mix up in the soil sample bag, try not to touch samples.  If you have used fertilizer and lime you should wait 4 weeks before taking sample.  Discard any rocks, thatch, etc. from sample.  Let sales person know if sample is for lawn, fruit trees, shrub bed etc. 

Soil Sampling