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A Guide to Choosing Christmas Trees in New Jersey

Christmas trees in New Jersey

Christmas is coming, and this year, you’re doing something different.

You’re leaving your artificial tree tucked away in the attic, and heading out to buy the real thing. Before you do that, you may want to read our guide.

We know what you’re saying: Why do I need a guide? Aren’t all Christmas trees basically the same?

Not quite. Keep reading to see what separates the different branches of this family tree.

Fraser firs

When the president needs a tree, he calls on the Fraser fir, which has served as the White House Christmas tree for 15 of the past 55 years. It has a pleasant scent which should hold with proper watering. If you’re thinking about holiday decorating, remember that its strong branches and dark green needles will accommodate heavier ornaments.

Douglas firs

Like the Fraser fir, this tree has strong branches and can hold heavier ornaments. They are typically among the less expensive trees on the market, and are notable for their dark green or dark bluish-green needles.

Noble firs

Again, this is a fir tree notable for its strong branches. It has dark green, upturned needles, with branches that have a layered look, which helps when decorating.

Concolor firs

Otherwise known as “White firs,” these trees feature strong branches with long, blue-green needles. It’s an aromatic tree, but don’t think of evergreen. These firs give off a citrus-like scent.

Eastern white pines

These trees tend to cost less than fir trees, and are valued for their softer needles. But unlike firs, these trees may not be able to hold heavier ornaments.

Scotch pines

A sturdy tree that was the choice of many homeowners in the early days of Christmas tree shopping. Be warned: these pines don’t have as strong as an aroma as some trees, and their needles can be very prickly.

Virginia pines

If you’re in the market for a smaller to medium-sized tree, consider the Virginia pine. The needles are short and dense, and grow in clusters. They shed more easily than other varieties, so you’ll need to do some work with this tree.

Norway spruce

These are big trees. Rockefeller Center big. They’re great Christmas trees for people who want to go easy on decorating (some lights and a topper).

Blue spruce

These trees have excellent needle retention and require very little shearing before you bring them home. They’re sturdy, able to withstand heavy ornaments, and have a unique bluish grey color that sets them apart from other Christmas trees in New Jersey. But as with the scotch pine, their needles can be sharp, so keep that in mind if you like a tree with a lot of decorations.

Is this the year you decide to decorate using real Christmas trees in New Jersey? Contact Mendham Garden Center.

We carry beautiful live blue spruce trees, as well as a selection of Fraser, Douglas, Concolor and other fir varieties. You can also find tree stands and bags, Christmas lights and Fraser fir wreaths and white pine roping. Visit us today to get started on your holiday decorating.