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Lawn grass aeration

Cultural Practices to Compliment Your MGC Lawn Care Program

By, the Old Guy with the Pony Tail Soil Aeration: Soil aeration equipment comes in many shapes and sizes.  This equipment can range from very large units to smaller tow behind and walk behind units. Regardless of size, the primary objective of this equipment is to relieve compaction and open up the soil allowing detrimental gases to escape and allow air, water and nutrients to enter the soil and become available to the turf root system.

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Healthy Lawn with gazebo and hedge

Lawn Thatching

By, the Old Guy with the Pony Tail Thatching your lawn is a very effective way to rejuvenate an older lawn or help to establish a new lawn. However, an understanding of the benefits and potential problems created by thatching are important to insure a positive result. In this article, we’ll breakdown our best tips.

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Seed Starters
Gardening Tips

Seed Starting Tips from your Local NJ Garden Center

When the possibilities of a freeze last into late-April, which kills young seedlings, it is better to start seeds indoors (or in a greenhouse), so they’re more mature when transplanted after the last frost. If you are new to the homegrown vegetable scene, we welcome you. Your household will derive great joy watching seeds sprout, grow, transplant, and then flourish – yielding delicious vegetables through the late summer and fall. The following are some pro tips to get you started.

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Seed, Fertilizer and Lime

We have now approached one of our favorite seasons here at Mendham Garden Center…fall. The lawns have had a lot of moisture this summer, which as we know depletes the nitrogen from the soil.  So, yes, it is a good time to fertilize again. Having the proper pH is essential to the way turf absorbs nutrients.  Which means this is also a good time to do a pH test, which we do free of charge at our garden centers.  If pH is below 6.8 you need to lime.  Remember that one bag of lime covers approximately 800 square feet (That would mean approximately 50 40-lb bags per acre).  We also do free in-store pH soil testing at our garden centers.

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