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Caring for chickens during Winter: best food and coop practices

It’s time to head into the snowy, cold depths of winter. Your coop has frost on the top. You fear the freezing temps will chill your birds. Do they need better nutrition? Is the coop safe and sturdy? Will your chickens — and your coop — be ready for winter’s challenges?

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Gardening with Chickens in New Jersey

All around the country, more and more people are trying to eat locally sourced foods, and what’s more local than your own backyard? It’s a philosophy that’s led people to plant vegetable gardens, grow herbs for cooking and in some cases, raising chickens. And while chickens are a great source of eggs, they’re also very useful gardening tools. Before you go shopping for chicken feed in New Jersey, you may want to learn a few ways chickens can help your garden grow. Writing on the blog the Prairie Homestead, free-range chicken expert Justin Rhodes lists some of the ways keeping chickens can be beneficial.

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