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multicolor fallen leaves: yellow, green, red, orange

Leave the Leaves! How Leaf Litter Benefits Your Garden

When most people think of litter, their train of thought will normally lead to papers, aluminum cans, and packaging materials that we often see strewn along the roadside or in gutters. Many gardeners and landscapers use the term “leaf litter” to describe the deep layers of leaves that coat our lawns and drift on the wind through the streets. Unlike the throwaway litter we often see, leaf litter offers many benefits that will actually help the environment and support your soil and plants.

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wheelbarrow filled with fallen autumn leaves

Everyone Needs a Favorite Garden Center in New Jersey!

There are a few good reasons why every home (or homestead!) owner needs a favorite garden center in New Jersey. By and large, it’s just nice to have a familiar place to go, where you know your way around, and where you enjoy professional farm/garden services and camaraderie from a team of people who feel like friends.

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Autumn Gardening: Fall is for Planting

When you have a garden, autumn can be about more than just growing mums. We believe fall is for planting, and as summer ends, it’s time to get your fall flowers into the soil. Let’s take a look at what you might want to plant for this fall. First, you should have a strategy. When your summer flowers start to fade, rejuvenate the borders of your garden with some late season blooms. Perennials that you plant in the fall will develop strong roots in cooler/wetter months and will take off when spring comes again.

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Transitioning Your Summer Garden to Autumn

We’re writing this in August, but our minds are focused on fall. It’s not that we don’t want you to enjoy the rest of your summer. It’s just that Mendham Garden Center – like all good garden centers in NJ – wants its customers to be prepared for changes in the seasons. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for transitioning your summer garden to autumn. Follow these tips to get your yard ready for when September comes.

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