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Crabgrass Control Spreader

Crabgrass Control Starts in Spring

As many a homeowner knows, crabgrass is an ugly and tedious lawn weed that grows in a prostrate fashion close to the ground, stemming out like the legs of a crab. It grows in clumps, becomes very thick and patchy, and tends to choke out the more desirable grasses surrounding it.

Crabgrass grows briskly and thrives in hot weather. It usually starts to grow in early spring when the soil temperature reaches 55-60 degrees, and remains that temperature for about a week or more. The grass particularly likes hot, dry areas and tends to grow in bare spots of soil where it may get more sunlight. It is also common by windows where the sun reflects onto the ground, heating it. It dies out in late summer, germinates, and then spreads its seed in the fall. Of course the best way to prevent this lawn weed is to have a thickly grown, healthy lawn. However if crabgrass has already encroached, there are some other options.

Dealing with Crabgrass in New Jersey

Now that spring is finally around the corner, the time to initiate crabgrass treatment and control will soon be upon us. Homeowners are encouraged to to visit a lawn center that specializes in education—like Mendham Garden Center.

Mendham Garden Center has some spring garden preparation tips that can help you prevent crabgrass. These include:

  • In New Jersey, apply crabgrass control in the time between the blooming of forsythia and lilac (generally in mid-April).
  • After crabgrass control is applied, do not seed the lawn for at least six weeks.
  • Zero phosphate crabgrass control formulation promotes clean waterways. Formulations, such as Greenview Crabgrass control plus Lawn food 26-0-4, are long lasting zero phosphate fertilizers that feed, green, and thicken your lawn for twelve full weeks.
  • Concern® brand All Natural Weed Prevention Plus® pre-emergent herbicide plus lawn food 8-2-4 will not burn and is safe for children and pets. Little ones don’t have to wait to play on the lawn until it is “dry,” and it is safe to track into the house on little feet and paws.

Another function of a quality garden supply center is to prepare gardeners for the growing season. Mendham Garden Center is stocked with a variety of vegetable and flower seeds, including several varieties of potato seeds. They also are well stocked with non-GMO seeds and organic seeds, starting soils, trays, peat pots, germination stations, greenhouse trays, and other necessities of a well-prepared garden.

Free pH Testing at our Garden Centers!

As a complimentary service to its customers, Mendham Garden Center does free pH testing! Keep in mind that pH is just one measurement of the soil. However, it can be important in helping you understand if your soil is sufficient to support a specific plant, grass, or an entire garden. Based on this information Mendham Garden Center will be able to recommend the correct amount of lime for your turf.