Route 24, Mendham, NJ

Seed, Fertilizer and Lime

Garden Centers Mendham NJ We have now approached one of our favorite seasons here at Mendham Garden Center…fall. The lawns have had a lot of moisture this summer, which as we know depletes the nitrogen from the soil.  So, yes, it is a good time to fertilize again.

Having the proper pH is essential to the way turf absorbs nutrients.  Which means this is also a good time to do a pH test, which we do free of charge at our garden centers.  If pH is below 6.8 you need to lime.  Remember that one bag of lime covers approximately 800 square feet (That would mean approximately 50 40-lb bags per acre).  We also do free in-store pH soil testing at our garden centers.

Aerate & fertilize your soil

As summer progressed we had a lot of rain which may have brought on diseases in your lawn. Your lawn may need to be reseeded in those areas, as well as thin or sparse area.  As we get more into fall we have warm days and cool nights which help the seed germinate.  When seeding or reseeding remember the seeds need to make contact with the soil, it also needs warmth and moisture.  Aerating, dethatching or plain raking can achieve good contact, along with using mulch or hay to cover the bare areas to help maintain the moisture.  When seeding new or existing areas, it is good to use a seed starting fertilizer or a fall blend. This will develop strong roots and replenish the existing turf.  If your turf is looking good, than just do your normal fertilization.

Weeding and seeding your garden

Some people like to attack their weeds in the fall, remember if you use a weed and feed, you need to follow the directions on the bag for reseeding.  Usually you have to wait six weeks. (Make sure to follow manufacturer’s directions as there are differences between products).  Remember that weed and feeds work best when the weeds are actively growing. In the fall as it gets cooler you may not have the same results as in the spring as the weeds are starting to slow down.

There is a lot of information that the staff at our garden centers would be happy to share with you, if you are unsure what steps to take.  Please stop by one of our three garden centers in Mendham, NJ; Chester, NJ; and Annadale, NJ. We will be happy to guide you to a strong and healthy turf.  Remember weeds thrive in “poor fertile conditions”, so now is the time to seed, fertilize and lime.