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Getting Your Lawnmower Ready For Spring!

With spring in full-swing around the country, the grass in your yard is going through its annual growth surge, and becoming taller every day. That’s a good sign that you will need to get your lawn mower ready for the season. A ready lawnmower will help you keep up with weekly growth, and make sure your lawn stays neat and trim.

If you already did some of these tasks before putting your lawnmower away last fall, you’re ahead of the game. If not, now’s the time to start preparing for the lawn mowing season. Those who may be considering purchasing a new mower will discover everything you need at Mendham Garden Centers, where we carry the latest line of Toro Mowers and STIHL lawn equipment.

Time for an Oil Change

Even a high quality lawn more like a Toro will function much better if the old oil is removed, and replaced by clean engine oil. This is a fairly simple task, which you can accomplish by doing the following:

  • place a container underneath the crankcase to catch the draining oil
  • remove the drain plug at the bottom of the engine, so that last season’s oil can drain into the container
  • once the oil has all drained out, put the plug back in
  • fill up the crankcase with the grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer of your mower.

Perform a Tune-up

Tune-ups on your lawnmower are fairly easy to accomplish, and the process begins by removing the spark plug for safety. Replace it with a brand-new spark plug of the type recommended in your owner’s manual. Then clean your air filter or replace it, depending on which type it is. A foam-type filter can be cleaned and put back in, whereas a paper filter has to be replaced.

Clean it Thoroughly

Use your garden hose to train a strong stream of water on the lawnmower to clean off the external surfaces, and if you have to, you can use a putty knife to remove caked-on grass underneath the mower deck.

Any debris still remaining on external surfaces can be removed with a brush or a rag, and you can also get it out from the nooks and crannies around the wheels and engine. It’s not a bad idea to go the extra mile, and wax the deck so that dirt and grass won’t stick to it, even if you mow your lawn when it’s a little wet.

Sharpen the Blade

If your mower blade isn’t sharp enough, it will simply shred the tips of your grass rather than clip it closer to the base, as intended. This can cause your lawn to turn brownish in color, and you will defeat the purpose of trying to keep a neat and trim lawn.

If you notice that there are good sized nicks in the blade from hitting rocks or other objects, you may need to replace it. Need your blades sharpened? No worries, bring them to any of our convenient locations in Mendham NJ, Annandale NJ, and Chester NJ and we will sharpen your mower and chainsaw blades in our service center for you.

Before putting the blade back in, you may want to take the time to do a thorough cleaning on the underside of the deck to remove any solidified debris.

Lubricate all Moving Parts

Lawnmowers of all brands will last longer and perform better if they are lubricated each season. Reference your owners manual to see the lubrication points for your specific equipment. When you finish lubricating all noted points, don’t forget to wipe away excess oil, so it doesn’t attract grass clippings and other debris.

Repeat the Process

Before you start your mower, be sure to supply your lawnmower with fresh gas, if there is still some of last season’s gas remaining in the tank, you may have difficulty starting up your machine.

Now that you have your machine in tip-top shape and ready for the mowing season, you shouldn’t have any trouble maintaining an orderly and attractive lawn for the entire summer season. You can repeat these steps when cooler weather arrives, and before you put your mower away for the year, unless you prefer to do it next spring before the mowing season starts again.

Stihl and Toro Equipment

Mendham Garden Center takes great pride in our relationship with Toro lawn mowers. We stock the newest models and accessories to get you cutting today.  Weed trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, sprayers, and much more… We carry all your essential yard tools here at Mendham Garden Center.  Give your favorite Mendham location a call today and we’re happy to provide you with more information.