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How to Move Your Indoor Plants Outside

Are you tired of being kept indoors by cold weather? So are your plants.

As we move from winter into spring, you might want to consider moving your indoor plants outside to give them some sunlight and fresh air.

But moving plants outside can be tricky. Exposing them to the elements too quickly can cause your plants to become stressed, which can hurt their growth.

Read this blog post for some advice from a Hunterdon NJ gardeners’ supply store on the best ways to bring indoor plants outside.

1. Make sure they’re compatible

The first thing to do is make sure your plants can even handle life outside. Most potted plants can survive in the ground…under the right circumstances.

Do some research – or check with your local Hunterdon NJ gardeners’ supply center – to find out the temperature, sunlight, water and soil conditions your plant needs. You may also want to keep the plant outside but in its pot for a few days before replanting it.

2. The right light

Outdoor sunlight is far more intense than the light your plants experienced indoors, which is why light is one of the chief culprits behind plant shock.

Reduce stress on your indoor plants by gradually reintroducing them to outdoor light. Start by keeping them in a shaded area – a patio, or under a tree – for a few hours each day, gradually moving them into areas with more sunlight for longer periods.

Stick with this method until you’re keeping your plants out all day. Once a few weeks have gone by, your plant should be acclimated enough to remain outside for the summer.

3. Feeding your plants

As the weather gets warmer, your plants will require extra nutrients and water, which of course means upping their watering/feeding intervals.

Just remember that overfeeding or overwatering your plants is as bad as depriving them of fertilizer or water. This is another case where you may want to turn to your trusted Hunterdon NJ gardeners’ supply for plant advice.

4. Weather concerns

In some ways, your plants had it easy indoors. They didn’t need to worry about wind, which can dry plants out or even knock them over. Protect your plants by keeping them someplace without a lot of wind, like next to a wall or building.

You’ll need to watch for heavy rains as well. A little drizzle can help water your plants, but a serious downpour can harm their leaves and roots.

5. Pest control

Just like weather extremes, pests likely weren’t a big problem when your plants lived indoors. Before you move your plants outside, make sure you know what sort of insects and other pests they might be facing and how to deter them.

Pest control will become an important issue when it’s time to move your indoor plants outside again in the fall. Check your plants for small insects such as aphids before you bring them inside. You may want to apply neem oil or wash your plants before bringing them in.

Do you have more questions about moving indoor plants outside? Turn to Mendham Garden Center. For the past sixty years, people have turned to our supply stores for the expertise and products they need to help their plants thrive.

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