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Spring Gardening Guide: What To Plant First for Early Returns

The secret to a successful spring garden is knowing what to plant first. Frost-tolerant spring crops can endure a bit of chill at night. You can plant these crops in your spring garden earlier than you thought. The first harvest will be ready before you start planting your summer crops. The earlier you plant, the earlier you harvest. That’s a rule of spring gardening.

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grandmother and grandchild watering their garden
Gardening Tips

Spring Has Sprung at Mendham Garden Supply in New Jersey!

March traditionally comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. It’s time to visit Mendham Garden Supply in New Jersey to check off the early-spring “to-dos!” Don’t forget to download Mendham Garden Center’s Gardening Calendar – a beautifully illustrated reminder of what needs to happen when to cultivate vibrant landscapes. Gardening To-Dos for March It’s no surprise that while mid-winter to-do lists are rather short, March’s list brings us out of hibernation. Pour a cup of coffee or your favorite energizing tea and let’s get to work.

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Mom and daughter watering vegetable garden

Planning your Vegetable Garden During the Winter Months

The winter months are ideal for planning a summer vegetable garden. That process entails everything from plotting and building raised beds, amending soil, deciding which crops to grow, and determining the best layout to optimize sun/shade exposure and the plants’ irrigation needs.

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5 Quick Tips To Prepare Your NJ Garden For Spring

It’s that time of year again, time to visit your garden supply store and get everything you need to prepare your garden for spring. Preparing now will save you time and frustration when all you want to do is spend time planting and tending to your nursery. Here’s what you need to do to prep your NJ garden for spring: 1. Clean your garden Reorganizing your kitchen cabinets should not be the only thing on your spring cleaning to-do list. When was the last time you did a sweep of your nursery? Get rid of any plant debris. Be on the lookout for hibernating bugs—they like to hide out by the crowns of your perennial plants. Clean all of your

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