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Flowers: The Natural Pest Deterrent

Are you looking for a natural way to control pests and diseases in your garden? Consider planting flowers to repel unwanted pests away without using chemicals. These flowers use their fragrance, colors, or oils to keep bugs away from your crops. If you are new to companion planting, you need to identify flowers that will benefit your garden. These insect-repelling flowers tend to be hardy and have large, bright booms. You can count on them to get rid of insects such as aphids and mosquitos. 

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Gardening Tips

Spring Garden: What to plant first

The secret to a successful spring garden is knowing what to plant first. Frost-tolerant spring crops can endure a bit of chill at night. You can plant these crops in your spring garden earlier than you thought. The first harvest will be ready before you start planting your summer crops. The earlier you plant, the earlier you harvest. That’s a rule of spring gardening.

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Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Timeline for the Northeast.

A Variable Climate Spring gardening in America’s northeast can be a challenge. Keep an eye on what the Old Farmer’s Almanac thinks will happen in the climate over the year. Here we’ll look at ways to prepare for coming summer in America’s northeast based on the month.

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The 5 Most Important Tools for Winter Storms

You may have suspected it, so here’s the confirmation–extreme weather is getting worse. With it comes the inevitable storms, blizzards, ice, snow, lost lives, and as much as $1 billion in damage. While you may look forward to picturesque snow landscapes, hot chocolate, and warm fires, it can get ugly fast without proper preparation. The last thing you need is to be stranded in the middle of a storm without the right tools. Prepare yourself for a winter storm with these essential tools:

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Bird Feeders

Make Your Own Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

With Winter starting, there has never been a better time to engage in a DIY project that is not only fun for you but also benefits the birds, that is, a homemade bird feeder. Having feed out for birds makes a huge difference to the well-being of wild birds. Food is scarce in winter and the food that you put out in your garden could be the difference between surviving winter and starvation.

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Caring for chickens during Winter: best food and coop practices

It’s time to head into the snowy, cold depths of winter. Your coop has frost on the top. You fear the freezing temps will chill your birds. Do they need better nutrition? Is the coop safe and sturdy? Will your chickens — and your coop — be ready for winter’s challenges?

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Christmas Trees & Decor

The Best Live Christmas Trees for A Festive Holiday Season

Taking time to find the best Christmas tree is one of most people’s favorite Christmas traditions. It is even more enjoyable for some than decorating the tree itself as numerous fun activities accompany it. A cut Christmas tree is simply about the look and color for many people. However, there are other critical things that one needs to consider before buying one, such as the scent, needle retention, and shape.

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multicolor fallen leaves: yellow, green, red, orange

Leave the Leaves! How Leaf Litter Benefits Your Garden

When most people think of litter, their train of thought will normally lead to papers, aluminum cans, and packaging materials that we often see strewn along the roadside or in gutters. Many gardeners and landscapers use the term “leaf litter” to describe the deep layers of leaves that coat our lawns and drift on the wind through the streets. Unlike the throwaway litter we often see, leaf litter offers many benefits that will actually help the environment and support your soil and plants.

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man planting a perennial shrub in autumn

How Fall Planting Can Jumpstart Your Spring Gardening

Most gardeners are inclined to plant their gardens in the spring. The practice has been passed down through generations in families and is also encouraged by some gardening experts and seedling suppliers. However, spring is not necessarily the best time for planting plants that will withstand harsh weather and serve ecological needs. Fall is a much better season to plant new flowers, shrubs, and perennials because the weather is mild and the soil is moist but not soggy.

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Close-up of a Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula)

Spotted Lanternfly Update: What You Need To Know

Invasive species are a serious problem impacting rural and urban landscapes throughout the country. Whether it’s iguanas in South Florida or Japanese green crabs on Cape Cod, invasive species wreak havoc on local ecosystems. They can effectively compete with, crowd, out, or kill native species changing habitats forever. On the East Coast, the spotted lanternfly is an invasive species that is again making headlines. New Jersey and Pennsylvania have placed dozens of counties (34 in Pennsylvania, 13 in New Jersey) under agricultural quarantine due to infestation. As of 2021, these invasive pests have also been spotted in Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, Ohio, and as far west as Indiana.

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