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basket of fall vegetables

Seasonal Home Gardening: Fall and Winter Vegetable Growth Guide

There are some definite advantages to growing fall and winter vegetables apart from the fact that they can provide you with a year-round supply of healthy, nutritional foods. During the off-season, pests are not nearly as prevalent as they are during spring and summer. You also won’t have to fight so hard to keep weeds out of your garden, because they are in decline through the fall and winter.  

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Spotted Lanternflies on tree trunk

Spotted Lanternfly in New Jersey: What you need to know

The spotted lanternfly originally came to the U.S. from their native China, although it is not known exactly how they accomplished this. In any case, they first appeared in Pennsylvania in the year 2014, and have since made their way to six other states, including New York and New Jersey. They are considered to be a serious pest, because they feed on the sap of trees, often weakening them, and in some cases causing them to die completely. There is cause for concern now that the spotted lanternfly has become established in this country because after being introduced in Korea in 2006, the spotted lanternfly became an extremely invasive species which caused extensive damage in that country. They can impact a

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riding lawn mower

Getting Your Lawnmower Ready For Spring!

With spring in full-swing around the country, the grass in your yard is going through its annual growth surge, and becoming taller every day. That’s a good sign that you will need to get your lawn mower ready for the season. A ready lawnmower will help you keep up with weekly growth, and make sure your lawn stays neat and trim. If you already did some of these tasks before putting your lawnmower away last fall, you’re ahead of the game. If not, now’s the time to start preparing for the lawn mowing season. Those who may be considering purchasing a new mower will discover everything you need at Mendham Garden Centers, where we carry the latest line of Toro Mowers and

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woman watering indoor plants
Gardening Tips

How to Move Your Indoor Plants Outside

Are you tired of being kept indoors by cold weather? So are your plants. As we move from winter into spring, you might want to consider moving your indoor plants outdoors to give them some sunlight and fresh air. But moving plants outside can be tricky. Exposing them to the elements too quickly can cause your plants to become stressed, which can hurt their growth. Read this blog post for some advice from a Hunterdon NJ gardeners’ supply store on the best ways to bring indoor plants outside.

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Birds hanging out a feeder in winter
Bird Feeders

Which Winter Bird Seed Works Best?

Birdwatching is one of life’s simpler pleasures and one that becomes easier to do when you have the right food on hand to attract our feathered friends. And it doesn’t even have to be warm-weather activity. Even in the dead of winter, you can put out some bird seed and watch birds explore your yard from the comfort of your living room. Here are a few bird seeds you can find at our Mendham NJ garden center that will bring birds to your backyard this winter.

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Perennial Flower Bed
Gardening Tips

Picking Perfect Perennials & Supplies for Your Jersey Garden

As we often tell people who visit our Mendham Garden Centers, it’s important to plant perennials in their proper zone. What grows in, say, Cape May might not do well in Hunterdon, Chester or Mendham. As you move up and down the growing map for New Jersey, you’ll see different microclimates that dictate your garden from year to year. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at that map and how it can determine what will grow – or not grow – in your garden.

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view of an apple orchard
Fruit Trees

Home Orcharding in Suburban Somerset New Jersey? Really?

When you hear the term “orchard,” you might think of acre upon acre of trees laden with fresh, ripe apples or peaches. But you don’t need a vast expanse of land to grow your own fruit. When you visit our Somerset, NJ garden center, you’ll find heirloom fruits and berries designed for home growing. They come to us courtesy of our suppliers at Hollybrook Orchards, a longtime proponent of home orcharding.

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Woman in her autumn garden

Cool as a Not A Cucumber: Plant these Nine Fall Veggies

Summer may be at an end, but that doesn’t mean the gardening season has to end with it. The ground is still warm, the weather is still mild and there aren’t as many insects to deal with. Here at our Mendham, NJ gardener’s supply store, we’re getting plenty of questions from customers on how to tackle the autumn growing season. It’s a good time to prepare for winter and plant spring-blooming bulbs, but there’s also an opportunity for gardeners who want to boost their vegetable crops.

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The Downside: Components of Healthy Topsoil

By, the old guy with a pony tail at Mendham Garden Center You can call it dirt, soil, root zone or a host of other terms. It’s the downside to the establishment and management of your lawn. A turf manager once told me, “You can grow grass on a rock, just give it what it needs”. Although this is true, deep healthy topsoil works a whole lot better.

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The Real Devil of Central & North Jersey Gardening: Weather Woes

Too hot. Too cold. Too wet. Too dry. It would be nice to have a summer with 90 days of perfect weather, but that’s not always the reality. More often than not, we spend the warm weather months protecting our plants against droughts or storms. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here are a few ways you can protect your plants this summer.

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