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Benefits of Organic Lawn Care in New Jersey

Organic Lawn Care in NJ

We’ll be the first to admit that there’s nothing new about the concept of living an all-organic, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Eating organic fruits and veg, or washing your dishes and laundering your clothes with ecologically responsible soaps. But have you ever given serious thought to the idea of going organic in your own front lawn?

Our New Jersey landscape supply company, with three locations in the Garden State, has supplies ranging from lawn food to weed killer that will make your switch to organic lawn care a simple and stress-free process.

What are the Benefits of Organic Lawn Care?

As it happens, organic lawn care comes with a number of surprising benefits that you may not have considered, or even expected. For starters, your lawn will become much healthier over time when it’s treated organically, and as it rids itself of potentially dangerous pesticides and fertilizers. (Our New Jersey landscape supply shops carry natural Espoma organic products for your garden or yard.)

As a result, the health effects on you and your family will soon become apparent. The dangerous chemical compounds that your children and pets would otherwise be exposed to will be gone.

Lastly, by pursuing organic lawn care, you’ll be doing a very important deed for the environment. Not only do those nasty chemical pesticides tend to hang around in the atmosphere long after they’ve been applied, but they’re also known to make their way into local water sources. That’s because rainwater washes them into storm water systems and helps to push them into groundwater.

For a Beautiful Lawn, Enrich Your Soil Organically

Believe it or not, lawns can actually become completely dependent over time—addicted, even—on the chemical fertilizers homeowners feed them. Eventually, this leads to lawns that have no way of defending themselves naturally against invasive pests. It also results in shallow lawn roots, which means your lawn will have a very tough time staying alive if your town is struck with a drought.

An organically treated lawn, however, is also a self-sustainable lawn. It features healthy, nutrient-rich soil—an ideal home for the helpful microorganisms that are meant to live in your lawn’s soil. As the chemically-rich fertilizers and pesticides you once used begin to wash away, your newly organic soil will become a place in which grass thrives.

The result? A thick, vibrant and luscious lawn that repels unnecessary insects, but that doesn’t harm the sort of beneficial insects such as ladybugs that your lawn needs.

A Non-Organic Lawn Can Harm Your Family

beautiful landscapingWhen you give it a bit of thought, it makes pretty good sense that the same chemicals designed to kill earthworms and other unwanted lawn invaders probably aren’t terribly healthy for humans, either.

Indeed, studies have been telling us for quite some time that various pesticides and herbicides have been linked to everything from nervous system disorders to birth defects. Even worse is the fact that the dangers present in so many of the chemicals we put on our lawns affect children quicker and with more frequency than adults.

We can understand that the health of your lawn, or perhaps even the health of your local environment, might not be quite enough to convince you to take your yard organic. But we hope that the concern for anyone who spends time in your yard will present something of a tipping point in your decision to start using organic lawn and garden products.

Remember, every organic lawn treatment sold at our New Jersey landscape supply stores is derived from all-natural ingredients that do no harm to humans or pets whatsoever. Which, of course, is exactly as it should be.

The Financial Benefits of Treating Your Lawn Organically

We hope you won’t be too put off by the cost of the initial applications of organic fertilizer you’ll need if you decide to go the organic lawn route. Yes, they’ll likely be more expensive than the chemical fertilizers you’re used to purchasing. But here’s the good news: The ongoing treatments will be roughly the same cost as their chemically-rich counterparts. And over time, you’ll find that your organic lawn won’t need anywhere near as many treatments as you’re used to applying now, which will make the overall process less and less expensive as time marches on.

If you’d like to purchase (or even just peruse) the sorts of organic lawn and garden products you’ll need to go fully green, we encourage you to stop by one of our three New Jersey landscape supply stores, where any of our associates will be able to answer all of your going-green questions. We have locations in Mendham, Chester, and Annandale, and we look forward to helping you make the eco-friendly leap sometime soon.