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Gardening Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day Gardening Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and you’re probably thinking about what to get mom.

You can always go with one of the popular standbys: a meal at her favorite restaurant, some jewelry, or fresh-cut flowers.

But what about the moms who grow their own flowers? Or who would rather eat a salad from their own garden than one at the Olive Garden? A trip to your friendly New Jersey gardening supply store might be the answer. Read on to explore our list of gardening gifts for mom:

1. Gardening gloves

Good gloves are an essential gardening tool. Even if your mom isn’t doing heavy duty work in her garden, gloves protect her against the cold, cuts, and blisters, while keep her fingers clean.

2. Pruning shears and other tools

Whether your mom has a whole host of plants or just a handful, she’ll eventually need to do some pruning. It can be demanding work, putting her at risk for blisters, so this is where those new gardening gloves can come in handy.

But don’t stop there. If your mom is a serious gardener, she’ll likely appreciate some new tools, from shovels, to trowels to cultivators.

3. Bird feeders

For the mom who enjoys spending time outdoors, but may not have a green thumb, allow us to recommend a bird feeder.

winter bird feedersHaving a bird feeder in your yard essentially gives your mom a low-key hobby: She’s now a bird watcher. It allows her to interact with nature from the comfort of your yard, and provides a source of inspiration for painters and photographers.

And for moms who do like to garden, birds provide a benefit, eating insects and helping weed control and flower pollination.

Remember: no bird feeder is complete without something to feed the birds, so your gift should include a few diverse types of bird seed. If your budget only allows for one type, go with black oil sunflower, our most popular variety of seed, and one that all birds can enjoy.

4. Flowers

Flowers in NJLike we said earlier, you can give your mom some fresh-cut flowers, or let her grow her own. Having a blend of blooms in the yard will bring some added color to her property, while also deterring pests and helping pollinators.

We offer a large variety of plants and flowers at our New Jersey garden supply store, including hydrangeas, impatiens, lilies, begonias and geraniums.

If your mom loves fresh fruit, know that we carry delicious raspberry, blackberry and blueberry plants, as well as a variety of fruit-bearing trees, including apple, cherry, peach, apricot and pear.

Visit us online to learn more, or stop in one of our three New Jersey gardening supply stores to find a gift that’s right for your mom this year.