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Time to Plan your Lawn Care Program

By, the Old Guy with the Pony Tail

If you wait until the grass is growing to plan your lawn care program in the spring, you waited too long. Look at your lawn. Are you seeing the results of drought or insect damage? The two are often confused. Are you seeing the brown remnants of annual crabgrass? Are you seeing perennial broadleaf weeds that will inevitably be back again next year? Was Japanese Stilt Grass an issue? Does your lawn appear to be hungry or unhealthy?  These are all issues that should be considered and prioritized when developing a plan of action for your lawn care program BEFORE the next growing season.

The number one objective for any effective lawn program should be to improve the soil and therefore improve the turf.

Your Lawn Care Program: Soil Types

Feeding your lawn based on a soil test is the most environmentally friendly and effective way to improve your lawn. A healthy lawn is less susceptible to erosion, insect and disease damage. Over time, with effective management, an increase in turf density will minimize broadleaf weed populations.  

Lawn Care Program: Soil Nutrients and Timing

Priority #1:  Balance the soil and provide optimum nutrient availability to the grass.

  1. May 1st – 15th : .75 lb. nitrogen + soil test recommendations
  2. Sept 1st – 15th : .9 lbs. nitrogen + soil test recommendations
    1. Compaction relief and required seeding
  3. Nov 1st – 15th : .9 lbs. nitrogen + soil test recommendations

Weeds and Pests

Priority #2:  Address unwanted weeds and other pests as needed.

  1. Japanese Stilt grass, split applications March 15th,  May 1st (also controls crabgrass)
  2. Crabgrass, application April 15th
  3. Broadleaf weeds, initial application when actively growing in the spring
    1. Best control in the fall once populations are under control
  4. Insects: Preventative application late May – June
    1. Curative applications as needed

     There are many combination products which allow for dual purpose applications. Controls can be mixed and matched based on lawn needs.

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