Mendham Garden Center
Route 24, Mendham, NJ
two women watering their garden

Are you looking for a Garden Center that has it all in New Jersey?

With all of the extra time spent closer to home these days, backyard and community gardens have never looked more vibrant. And, since all landscapes require continuing love and attention, it’s important to develop a relationship with a garden center in New Jersey that has everything you need.

Our family garden center and nursery has been locally owned for more than half a
century. As a result, we’ve established deep connections with the home and business owners around the Mendham, Chester, and Annandale.

These three, convenient locations serve the residents in Morris, Hunterdon and the surrounding counties of Warren and Somerset, and our employees are all gardening enthusiasts and experts.

Visit a Garden Center in New Jersey With Everything You Need

Gardens and landscapes are complex systems that require a well-rounded evaluation of everything from the quality of the soil, sunlight and shade exposure, water drainage, deer, rodent, and pest resistance, and the level of maintenance owners are able to commit to landscape care.

We view each and every garden as a separate and complete puzzle, and our knowledgeable employees find joy in helping you establish the necessary pieces, allowing your final garden picture to spring to life.

Mendham Garden Centers carry it all

Over the years, we’ve curated the highest-quality products to support every aspect of a landscape’s lifecycle and features. This includes:

  • Organic lawn and garden support
  • Toro Lawn Mowers
  • Hand tools and power equipment
  • Hardscaping pavers
  • Bird feeders and seed
  • Plants and flowers
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Deer, rodent, and insect repellant
  • Pond accessories
  • Soil amendments and mulch
  • Grills and patios
  • Feed, split rail fencing, and other farm supplies

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Most importantly, we employ garden experts who answer your questions and direct you to the best products and services that will support your gardening goals.

Need soil sampling and analysis?

A vibrant garden and landscape is dependent on healthy soil, which means it is suited to the plants it will nourish, provides adequate water drainage/retention, and

it can support a diverse microbiome of healthy fungi, bacteria, and other microbes.

Mendham Garden Center in New Jersey provides soil sampling for a competitive price. Once we’ve tested your soil, we’ll provide you with a report of all the essential nutrients needed for you to have a healthy and vigorous lawn and landscape.

Is your lawn begging for some TLC?

The ideal lawn is consistently lush, green, free of brown patches and weed-free. Achieving that ideal requires lawn care expertise and TLC. From obnoxious grubs that destroy your lawn’s roots to improper irrigation or a lack of fertilization or weed control, lawns inevitably let you know when they need a little help.

Our lawn care experts assess the symptoms (brown patches, weeds, crabgrass infestation, thin patches, etc.), so we can create a customized lawn treatment plan.

We support our local farms

Whether you’re growing a backyard farm or you’re working a larger-scale farm on acres of land, we have a variety of farm supplies and animal feed to keep your animals healthy and safe.

We carry stock tanks, gate panels, farm fence, and t-posts. We also offer straw, conventional and organic feed and hay, shavings and a variety of bedding to keep stock fed and sheltered all year long.

The owners and employees at Mendham Garden Center take great pride in the wide range of products and services we offer to local communities. Give us a call at one of our three locations, or contact us online, and our Mendham Garden Center in New Jersey will ensure you have everything you need.