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Lawn Care: what supplier will help with your landscape in Mendham, New Jersey?

As winter begins to fade into spring’s shadow, it’s time to direct our attention to lawns and landscapes. Once the soil has thawed, and we have more sun than rain and snow, your landscape in Mendham, New Jersey deserves some proactive TLC.

Mendham Garden Centers are the place to go when you’re ready to add a little something extra into your lawn and garden spaces this spring. We have it all for your lawns, gardens, farm, and more. Don’t forget to check out our Spring Specials.

Plan a Gorgeous Landscape in Mendham New Jersey

As roots awaken underground, you want to ensure they wake up to a healthy, nourishing, and supportive environment. The more proactive you are in providing lawn care and gardening essentials, the more lush and vibrant your landscape will be. At Mendham Garden Center, we carry a number of different top brands of power equipment like Stihl and Toro which are perfect for helping you get your garden just the way you want it.

Take Advantage of Soil Sampling

When is the last time you took your soil in for sampling? Not all soil is created equal, even on the same property. Depending on the different geography, former amendments/landscaping or lack thereof, the soil may require amendments. Or, you may need to rethink which plants you grow in specific locations to give your seedlings and plants the best chance possible.

Mendham Garden Centers offer professional soil sampling for just $20 per bag. Samples should be taken:

We’ll discuss your plans for each soil location and then provide expert information on potential changes in garden rotation or plant beds that ensure each plant is grown in its optimal soil conditions. If needed, we’ll direct you to soil amendments to transform old, tired, or poorly draining soil and make it fertile again.

Make Your Lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood

Do visions for your landscape in Mendham New Jersey involve expanses of lush green lawn that are the envy of the neighborhood? We’re fortunate to live in a climate that supports that goal, but it takes more than sunshine, water, and soil to grow a lawn.

It also requires some experienced lawn care expertise in the form of:

Knowing Which Species of Lawn to Grow

Your lawn will struggle if it is not the right species for your soil type, sun/shade exposure, or if the lawn doesn’t have adequate water or drainage. We’ll help you select the best lawn species for your landscape in Mendham New Jersey.

Soil Health

We spoke about this above, but your lawn is just as dependent on healthy and properly draining soil as your flowering plants, vegetable gardens, trees and shrubs. Soil samples from lawn areas are helpful to make sure all is well below the turf.

Fertilizer and Weed Killer

The combination of the optimal organic fertilizer and weed killers should be applied accurately, adequately, and at the right times of the season.

Lawn Pest Control

Your lush lawn provides a delicious buffet for pests, particularly grubs and chinch bugs. Preventative pest control is the best way to stop pests before they begin feasting.

Proper Lawn Mowing

Unless your landscape in Mendham New Jersey is a golf course, it should be mowed no less than three-inches (3.5- to 4 inches is ideal) to keep it healthy and pest/disease resistant.

Ready for your landscape in Mendham New Jersey to wake up this spring with renewed vibrance and beauty? Take time to visit a Mendham Garden Center location in Mendham, Annandale, or Chester, where you’ll have the chance to work with a team of helpful, expert landscape professionals.